Non Executive Director Positions



A non executive directorship is an appointment to the board of a company on a part time basis. The work generally involves attending some board meetings with the aim of providing experienced, intelligent advice to the business.
BXG leads the way in supporting local non executives, helping them to find appointments, offering them a variety of opportunities through our structured meetings.

Whether your an individual looking for your next challenge or a business in need of a director BXG can provide independent minded business people, who have integrity and the respect or their peers, and are able to look at the business from a “big picture” perspective, and are well informed and mange difficult situations in a facilitative manner.
We only operate in the private sector and it is really a case of who you know and your reputation. BXG can facilitate the appropriate connection.

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Specially Negotiated Discounts

The Business Exposure Group has worked hard on behalf of its members to secure special deals on a number of products and services.