Current Climate

The recent business climate has tested the mettle of SME businesses as never before.

No sector has remained untouched, placing cash flows under intense strain as suppliers apply the pressure from one end and from the other, debtors delay their payments. Owners of businesses need to consider their options with their “business friends.”
In the "old days", growth dominated most business agendas while the current business agenda now, focuses on risk and cash replaces profit. In other words, business has retrenched back to the traditional discipline of stability, sound funding, efficiency and the owners being well connected and savvy. It’s about trying to be more in control.

In this economy, our customers are acting very differently to the way they did a few years ago. Their spending behaviour has changed, their psychology has changed and they have their own new rules that will determine whether or not they spend money with you. Business Exposure Group (BXG) feedback can be immensely comforting, and beneficial to share best practice with other like-minded business owners.
Never before has it been so important to say “no” as well as “yes” to business opportunities. Otherwise we just become busy fools. But there are great opportunities this year. Perhaps the competition has been weakened. There are issues finding skilled staff but above all there are tremendous opportunities for acquisitions and joint ventures. We know this because we have 150 business owners constantly giving us feedback about business on the ground. 
Today the more people you know, the more secure you can be by surrounding yourself with a pool of talent to call up for advice and reassurance in this fast pace business world. BXG is the platform to assist and bring you in from the cold. As owners of businesses we have a positive attitude to running our businesses. It’s like rock climbing – you don’t focus on falling, you focus on being good at climbing.
As a business owner you are expected to have all the answers.  In this climate it’s impossible.  If you feel slightly isolated because you can’t share your thoughts, ideas or admit your uncertainties with those around you – at work or at home, then come in from the cold, seek out the camaraderie and enjoy the opportunities created from joining the Business Exposure Group.




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Specially Negotiated Discounts

The Business Exposure Group has worked hard on behalf of its members to secure special deals on a number of products and services.