Business Forums every 5 weeks.

Affordable morning or afternoon business forums for a limited number of business owners who participate in agenda led discussions, relevant to the group, with other like minded owners and directors, to achieve a positive impact on each others business operations.

“Thank you for a wonderfully interesting meeting yesterday. I found the discussion you lead absolutely fascinating. I decided to jump in and enjoy the interplay of ideas. Listening to peoples views. I think you had an innovative group of people.”
“I was able to enjoy the deft and skilful way in which the chairman moderated the discussions and probed the issues. It was a masterly performance.”
“I was initially attracted by the opportunity to find and meet with like minded people. I’ve seen how the power of the group and what I glean from the members has impacted positively on my business.”
“As a business owner in a competitive world, I didn’t want to be restricted to only knowing my industry and a few contacts. The group has given me confidence to explore other business activities which previously would have taken me outside my comfort zone. I believe it is important to always be on the lookout for new ways of doing business.”
“This is the most empowering thing I have ever done.”
“Because the forums grow together, there is a real sense of community and camaraderie.”
“I can often find the answers to the daily issues I have within my business, by discussing these ideas with the other members who have now become my business friends.”






















Each group quickly understands the real individual attitudes of the members, but as a cohesive group the power of their combined thought process, is refreshing, stimulating and immensely valuable for each participant to consider and accept, reject or question in their business lives.

The way the meeting is run permits a quick introduction of the people around the table, and what they can bring to the discussion.  These are business support groups which position business owners with direct access to business owners and their close business friends - High level warm contacts.

Business is hard enough  

We all need a helping hand so contact us today and find out which group best fits in with you.

It’s all about a “can do” attitude.  After all, planning for tomorrow starts today!

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Specially Negotiated Discounts

The Business Exposure Group has worked hard on behalf of its members to secure special deals on a number of products and services.