Our Trouble Shooters

Owners of  SME's  might well understand the difficulties they face in running their business but find it hard to identify what they need, how it would be best provided and by whom.

At the Business Exposure Group, our "Trouble Shooters" address the issues by way of an objective high level look at your business.

They all have a significant track record in Business and start with an analysis, including debating individually and as a group and then producing a summary of initial findings with an action plan. Then by this stage, they will have established sufficient trust to be seen as an asset and so be able to probe more effectively into your business.

The real value is in the quality of the input from someone with lots of experience at doing this, and then working with you and your team.

Given the fast changing nature of the business world, input on a frequent if irregular basis as circumstances dictate is really important.

You might value input from an objective facilitator to help drive your business.

Fees are tailored to the particular business but provide excellent value for money with one tranche being for the necessary work and another to tap into on-going advice and help, virtually on demand.




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Specially Negotiated Discounts

The Business Exposure Group has worked hard on behalf of its members to secure special deals on a number of products and services.